Interview with a OpenClassrooms Graduate – Stephanie

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Interview with a OpenClassrooms Graduate – Stephanie

Openclassrooms is a project based self-paced online code school. They emphasize a weekly one on one with your mentor and at the end you recieve a bachelor’s equivalent diploma as certified by the EU. If you don’t find a job within 6 months after finishing they will give you your money back.

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Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie is one of the first graduates at OpenClassrooms –¬† she recently completed the front end development path.

Why OpenClassrooms?

Well according to Stephanie it is affordable – and was dependent upon how much effort she put into it. She also enjoyed the weekly sessions with her mentor to help her understand difficult concepts. The degree has helped in applying to jobs since it is recognized by the EU.

Did you have enough 1 on 1 time with your mentor?

She notes that while the sessions are set for 45min to 1 hour – most of the time the mentor would stay until the problem was solved. They were also in contact during the week via email.

What was the day to day like?

Since she was doing this fulltime – she went through the courses as if she was in a classroom and soaked up as much of the material as she could.

How prepared do you feel for the job market?

According to Stephanie she feels more than prepared. She has already had success with applying to a few jobs.

Did you have a final project?

Not a final project, but since the entire course is project based, each topic has a final project that must be validated by another mentor.

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Check out my videos on it!

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