Personal Development

Top reads that will get you off your ass and executing on your goals.

The Millionaire Fastlane

This book has had a significant impact on my life and finances. There were multiple times reading this it made me want to quit my job and walk out. Highly recommended.

The War of Art

As a creator – this book motivated the hell out of me. You can’t wait for inspiration and you can’t give into resistance. It’s funny how accurately he can describe the feeling of procrastination in this book, and then talks about how to overcome it.

Crushing It!

This book was what motivated me to start back on youtube and start building my brand. To start creating, and giving back to others. To start creating value for myself and how to use the tools of social media to do it.

Living with a SEAL

This book is all about David Goggins(which in the book is not revealed) and pushing yourself to the limit. This book made me want to get up and workout until I fell over. This book motivated me to push my limits and drove home the quote that navy seals have “When you think you’re done, you’re only 40% done”.

Learn To Code

The best books to learn code improve your skills or start moving toward your new career.

Automate The Boring Stuff

This is a great book to learn how to do exactly what the title says – automate the boring stuff. Looking for a way to make your life easier at work when they assign you monotonous tasks? This is your book. There’s also a Udemy course on it.

Javascript  & JQuery

Jon Duckett’s book’s are the most popular according to my community for learning JavaScript from a book – if you had to learn from a book. This book uses visuals and analogies that really click, even if you don’t know code.

Don’t Make Me Think

One of the better UX books that really holds you hand and tells you how to do the same for users on the web.

SQL Visual Quick Start Guide

This little books seems to pack a big punch in everything there is to know about SQL. There are around 200 to 300 sample queries, that start from the basics to nice fancy ones.