1 on 1 consultation with joshua fluke

Why Consult with me?

Being able to work with you directly means that I get more context about your specific needs and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

My specialization is online business development, digital marketing, content strategy and career coaching.

I have taught code as a freelancer for over a year, have helped place people at companies such as google and amazon. Additonally – I’ve built a brand with over 200,000 followers in just under a year, and have been running my own business making over six figures since 2018.


Are you interested in opening a business? Not sure where exactly to start? I can help with all aspects of opening a business.

Career Guidance

Job hunting? Fresh College Grad? I can help with Resume / Cover Letter / Portfolio reviews. I also provide interview preparation and job hunting assistance.


Looking to branch out on your own but not sure where to start? I can help with finding clients, contract creation, and payment negotiation.


Looking to grow your brand? I can help with content strategy and reach. I can also help you monetize your content even when you're just getting started.

Questions? COntact me

The consultation session is up to 90 minutes. 

$247 gives you access to all of the knowledge above.

You receive cliff notes or a recording of the session along with any products you request off the store.

  • YouTube Content Creators
  • Digital Entrepreneurs
  • Podcasters
  • Live Streaming/Live Video Creators
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Social Media Marketers