Lambda School Overview

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Lambda School – How does it work?

Lambda School is a 7.5 month online code ‘school’ that offers a deferred tuition plan; meaning that you don’t pay anything until you get a job.

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Note: If you use this link, you will help support this channel and receive $250 upon graduation of the course.

How is it structured?

It’s a full-time program(They also offer part-time courses that run for 1 year). Students work from 8:00am – 5:00pm PST. They start with a morning warm-up problem and then moving on to a lecture. The student’s usually wrap up the day with a small task that they can carry over to the next day. Towards the end of the week students tend to have a project they’re told to work on.

Students can pair up to complete these projects or work on them solo.

Students also have a mentor they can work with. The student to mentor ratio is about 8 students for every 1 mentor. There is alsoone on one time and small group time with the assigned mentors.

Lambda school is six months long so it’s not your typical code ‘bootcamp’. They put heavy emphasis on development but also spend half of the time learning computer science fundamentals.

From their perspective and after interviewing with other engineers and hiring managers one of the lacking curriculum is in computer science. This is where Lambda School seeks to bridge the gap.

No tuition?

Deferred tuition means that you pay nothing until you get a job making $50,000 USD or more in salary per year. But only if you’re using the skills you gained during the course. If you work a job unrelated to your curriculum you pay nothing. After that you pay 17% of salary for two years, or up to $30,000. Whichever comes first. There is also an upfront tuition option which is $20,000.

Upon acceptance to the school you sign an agreement to show what you’ve earned each year. This is how they hold students accountable.

How do you get accepted?

There is a small exam that checks your knowledge of web development and you can opt take that directly or take their weekly free online courses that help prepare you it. In addition to that there is a 10 minute non technical interview required.

Find that here

Do they accept students outside the US?

Right now it’s on a case by case basis. Their are different financial laws that can make it hard for them to recoup their money or ensure that their business model will work. There is also cost of living differences. They need to make it worth their time.

Apply and find out!

What tracks are they offering and what is the curriculum?

As part of their core curriculum – right now they offer

They also offer free introduction courses in:

  • Web Development
  • iOS
  • UI/UX
  • Android Development

Find out more here

Check out my video on it!



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Check out my video on it!

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