OpenClassrooms Overview

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OpenClassrooms – How does it work?

OpenClassrooms is a self-paced online code school that offers project based learning, all while being paired with a personal mentor you meet with weekly. In addition – it offers a diploma recognized by the European Qualifications Framework – meaning it’s recognized by all countries in the EU as a Bachelors or Master’s level equivalent program(depending on your path).

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Note: If you sign up using the code onfocus, you will receive 20% off the first month.

How is it structured?

OpenClassrooms is a self-paced program($300 a month) – which generally means that you can work as little or as much as you want. You can also pause and restart your membership at any time. At OpenClassrooms you pick a path – this decides the niche or specialty you to study. You are also paired up with a Mentor that you meet with weekly. During these 1 hour sessions you can ask questions about your project, discuss issues… bugs, and anything else.

It’s a full-time program(They also offer part-time courses that run for 1 year). Students work from 8:00am – 5:00pm PST. They start with a morning warm-up problem and then moving on to a lecture. The student’s usually wrap up the day with a small task that they can carry over to the next day. Towards the end of the week students tend to have a project they’re told to work on.

What does project based learning mean?

Each learning path has a set of projects that you must complete in order to receive the diploma. Each project is broken down into chapters that start out with fundamental concepts and then move to more advanced topics. The chapters are a mix of written and video lessons. At the end of each chapter there are assessment that you can complete(they’re not mandatory). If you do choose to complete them they will be graded by other students, and you will have the opportunity to grade theirs as well.

In order to advance to the next project it must be validated.

Once you finished working on your project and your mentor has approved it – you must present it to another randomly chosen mentor and defend it. These can be structured to resemble real freelance clients or professional code reviews.

How do you get accepted?

There is no entrance exam and all students are accepted to the bachelor’s level diplomas regardless of experience. In order to enroll into the master’s degree level diplomas you must have a bachelor’s degree or enough prior work experience.

What path are they offering and what is the curriculum?

As part of their core curriculum – right now they offer:

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