Personal Development

Top reads that will get you off your ass and executing on your goals.

The Millionaire Fastlane

This book has had a significant impact on my life and finances. There were multiple times reading this it made me want to quit my job and walk out. Highly recommended.

The War of Art

As a creator – this book motivated the hell out of me. You can’t wait for inspiration and you can’t give into resistance. It’s funny how accurately he can describe the feeling of procrastination in this book, and then talks about how to overcome it.

Crushing It!

This book was what motivated me to start back on youtube and start building my brand. To start creating, and giving back to others. To start creating value for myself and how to use the tools of social media to do it.

Living with a SEAL

This book is all about David Goggins(which in the book is not revealed) and pushing yourself to the limit. This book made me want to get up and workout until I fell over. This book motivated me to push my limits and drove home the quote that navy seals have “When you think you’re done, you’re only 40% done”.


This was the book that made it happen for me. This was the book that finally gave me the courage to quit my job and follow my dream. If you want to be more valuable, you have to create more value – more specifically, value for others.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is about a boy who looks at the dichotomy of the rich versus the poor. The main theme of this book is how rich people make money work for them, while poor people work for money. Fantastic read about financial mindsets and independence.

The 10 Pillars of Wealth

This book goes over the mindset of the rich, and more specifically codes that they live by. It has a few actionable tips with websites at the end.

Extreme Ownership

This book makes comparisons of how life operates in the military while in dangerous situations and how the principles that navy seals use to lead in the field, can also work in civilian life. Comparing business situations and combat situations.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

An awesome practical book about how you can take failure and instead learn from it. After all – you never really fail until you’ve given up.


This book talks about thinking big. Having goals that reach to outer space – literally. How by ignoring conventions and thinking about how to move humanity forward, you can begin to think bold and disregard fear.


This book is so good it’s referenced in other best selling books. There theme of this book is mainly; there are two mindsets. People that are set in the ways and think, “this is all I can have.” Then there are people with the growth mindset – “Why can’t we do more, or be more”. Great read.


This book is all about how skill and hardwork beat talent. It goes over multiple studies and how circumstances either break a person down, or build a person up. It all comes down to your ability to keep moving forward. You grit.


This book focuses on Tim and his ability to coach some of the worlds greatest athletes. More specifically he recounts working with Michael Jordan in his prime and how Micheals’ ability to stay relentless and hold himself to a higher standard made him a winner.


This book focuses about how you run your life. The principles you live. How you do one thing is how you do anything.

Living with the monks

From the same author that wrote Living with a seal – this book is about how to disconnect and enjoy the connection with silence. He lives with monks for about a month, goes crazy at first – then relaxes into a slower, more intimate style of living. He then brings this type of living back with him to his normal hectic life.

The Daily Stoic

Simple reminders to not worry about things that are not outside of your control. These quotes are not quite affirmations – but more wisdom that can be applied to daily life. Master you emotions and control yourself first, then you can win.

The Compound Effect

This book focuses on how consistency in the little things determines the larger things in life. Great comparisons of everyday life.

5 Second Rule

A simple rule that can really help bring you get out of your head and into the now so that you can focus on the task at hand. Mel Robbins, the author reviews the science of why this works and gives examples of how she applies this in her daily life and how it’s changed her entire career.

Inner Wisdom

No book, audio only. This will help you see life in a positive light and remember that life is short, so you might as well see the positives in it, because no one gets out alive.


This book goes over how to handle the sensory overload of life, and to prepare for distractions. If you can master the things that trigger your behavior, you can master your behavior.