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Goal Setting

From day one, we work together to form a personalized plan and schedule for how we are going to get you into the industry. This is more than a mentorship, this is a partnership. We set consistent, weekly, achievable goals according to your progress.

Interview Prep

We work through your cover letter, resume, and all of the relevant social media to make your profile standout above the rest


Accountability is an important factor when you’re on a path for personal change. When working toward a career in development, it can be overwhelming. We work together to make sure that you’re not overwhelmed and take enough time to be able to properly handle the rugged path of career change.

Career and Branding Advice

As a Developer, Entrepreneur and Content Producer – Personal Brand is everything. We keep a record of everything we’ve worked toward to help put you at the top of the resume stack. We make sure you’re name gets out there and takes note.

Looking for a career change but you want to skip the fluff?

My Mentorship¬†program is setup for people who want to go from zero(or little) experience to working in the industry. It’s designed for people that don’t want to go don’t want go to a code bootcamp, can’t fit the bootcamp schedule or are self-taught developers looking for guidance.

I will tell you exactly what you need to do to be able to get your foot in the door and make a career change. This mentoring partnership is a mix of teaching, and pushing yourself to your learning limits.

Job Preparation

  • Assistance with applying to jobs
  • Technical assessment preparation
  • LinkedIn / Social Media
  • Detailed Resumes to accentuate your skills
  • Custom Crafted Cover Letters that demand a response
  • Freelance Proposals and Client prospecting

A Regularly Scheduled 1 on 1

  • Review Previous Week’s Content
  • Answer Any Questions
  • Learn new content
  • Prepare for new coursework

Daily Communication & Accountability

  • Text
  • Phone
  • Discord

Customized Curriculum

  • A plan built from the ground up to get you into the job market ASAP
  • Hand picked resources to fit your learning style
  • Consistent weekly goals
  • Eye popping portfolio to showcase your projects

My Approach

I’ve worked my way into the industry with no background in development, and have consistently found ways to get myself and my students a foot in the door. Often times these students have zero, or minimal prior experience.¬† Traditional education is a minimal factor in development, therefore I think outside the box with my approach.

I have worked with over 35 students from all ages and backgrounds, and have had many students with multiple job offers simultaneously.

We designed a personal plan for me to start my working toward my intended career path, he has provided excellent resources for both learning to code and to stay motivated.

Josh has taught me more in one week than college has. He is a pleasure to work with, always willing to answer and help out whenever he can.

Arman Bhimani

Current Student

Joshua Fluke was a great mentor. He had a large knowledge base and a professional answer for any question. One of the best developers I’ve met in my life.

Ralph Christowiak

Lead Software Developer, Kurt Willig GmbH & Co.Kg

Starting to learn coding and development at 45, I was a train wreck. The more I looked online and the more advice I received, the more confused I got about where I should start. When I came across Josh’s video channel on YouTube, I honestly thought “O.K. this is what I was looking for. I regular guy, like me and a direction and path I can follow.” I contacted Josh. After we spoke, Josh helped set up a plan just for me, to help me get started. I have learned more over the last couple of weeks than I had the last 3 months previously on my own. I recommend you contact him and see how he can help you too! I am confident that I will soon be job ready. Thanks Josh!

Craig Wadding

Current Student

How It Works

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Create a Mentoring Plan

We create a curriculum for you based on your prior experience and future goals.

Reach Your Goals

After payment is processed, we start immediately, or on a mutually agreed specified date.

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