3 Methods To Learning To Code

Which one is “right” for you?

Online Learning Resources

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Code Bootcamps and Schools

Some of the most popular resources




A personalized plan that’s aimed to get you where you want to go, whether that is a career change, or to increase to you skill with code.

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So whats the “best way” to learn code?

Here’s the deal:

Times are changing and so is the tech industry, and there are more ways than ever to learn to code. This can be a great thing, IF you know what you’re doing, however; if you don’t then it’s easy to get lost. 

What I do for you:

At GrindReel – I breakdown the pros and cons of the most popular learning resources available so that you can find the perfect fit for your situation. Learn what you’re passionate about, and do it in a streamlined way so that you can achieve your goals. In other words – We avoid the fluff, and the bouncing from site to site.

How to get where you want to be:

I only review high quality resources – so that you stay competitive in the industry. My community has continuously utilized these resources. By utilizing these resources and the community available for support and assistance – you can easily achieve your goals.

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Interview with a OpenClassrooms Graduate - Stephanie Openclassrooms is a project based self-paced online code school. They emphasize a weekly one on one with your mentor and at the end you recieve a bachelor's equivalent diploma as certified by the EU. If you don't...

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OpenClassrooms - How does it work? OpenClassrooms is a self-paced online code school that offers project based learning, all while being paired with a personal mentor you meet with weekly. In addition - it offers a diploma recognized by the European Qualifications...

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Interview with a Lambda School Graduate - Troy Williams EDIT - 3 weeks after Lambda school he got a job! $65,000 Remote Front End Development. Update Video Included. Lambda School is a 7.5 month online code 'school' that offers a deferred tuition plan; meaning that...