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Web development based online learning platform.

  • Subscription Based
  • Self Contained – Save your work in the website
  • Code as you watch – Built in Code Editor
  • Reward System – To Keep You Motivated
  • Tech Degree Programs –  Build Your Portfolio
  • Newest Technologies – Stay Current with the Market



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IT based online learning platform. Perfect for professionals looking to expand their skills.

    • Subscription Based
    • Course Completion Certificates.
    • Role IQ Measures Your Skills Against Real Job Requirements.
    • Skill IQKnowledge Gap Assessment.






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Design. Business. Technology. Film. Writing. They have a plethora of classes to fit any niche.

  • Subscription Based
  • Over 23,000 Courses – A course for any interest.
  • Support for Mobile – Learn anywhere with the convenient mobile app.
  • Networking – Over 3 million people on skill share with large community support.



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Wildly popular for software and web development. Pay as you go, and only pay for courses that you’re interested in. Awesome sales.

  • Pay for only what you want
  • Thousands of Teachers – Many learning styles
  • New Courses Added Daily 
  • Interactive Content – Quizzes, and Exercises.


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  • No Cost Up Front – No Cost To You Until You Get a Job
  • Remote – Doesn’t matter where you’re located, classes held online.
  • Personal Mentorship Time  – Work with  a project manager daily
  • Weekly Projects – 3 Hour Graded Sprint Projects
  • Accountability – Roll is taken and you must show up
  • Constantly Update Curriculum – Stay up to date with tech

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Mentor Based Learning – Online Courses. Great for people that want extra assistance.



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Online Learning Partnered with Top Universities Worldwide.

  • Subscription Based
  • Earn Real College Credits – Earn College Credits From Coursera That Go Toward Your Degree
  • Class Based – Scheduled Classes That Have Set Enroll Dates
  • State of the art – 3,012 Courses Pushing The Limits Of Whats Possible.
  • Graded Projects –  Feedback provided so that you never feel lost.



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Self Paced – Mentorship Based Learning. Receive an EU Accredited Bachelor’s level diploma upon completion.

  • Subscription Based
  • EU Accredited Bachelors Degree In Development – Real Degree. Fully Accredited.
  • Project Based Learning – Build Real Projects To Add to Your Portfolio
  • Weekly Mentorship Meetings – Review and and solve and problems / concerns you had the previous week.
  • Several Paths – Front End, Fullstack , UI/UX, Ruby, Product Management, and Mobile Development.



Always Grinding

This site is dedicated to those striving to improve, striving to learn, and hungry for success in life.
Everyday, I look through and test out, the smorgasbord of online options to further educate myself. Specifically – in code and technology.

I constantly ask myself who would these platforms work best for? Would this be applicable in the real world? With the rise of so many online platforms, and resources – its easy to get overwhelmed. Not sure where to start? That’s where I come in.

I’m on a mission is to cut the bullshit and, collect the best platforms that are out there today; free and paid.  I do this through reviews, blog posts, and my video content.

Hi, I’m Josh.

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